Fun In the Sun and Shade Ages 3+

This section of toys are all about getting out of the house and exploring the wonder of the outdoors. Whether it is a day poolside or a woodland adventure, you're sure to find all of the toys, tools and supplies you need to make your day a blast right here!  Spring is upon us and it is time to ditch the game console and tv, and go forth to adventure!

Passback Footballs

The Official Composite Passback Training Football (Ages 9-13) is the perfect football training aid for youth football players learning how to throw and catch a football.


PLEASE NOTE: We have just one of these Passback Footballs left.

Orig.: $35.99
Sale: $17.99

Pocket Sized KITES!

Pocket kites are perfect for travellers or an adventure filled trip to the neighborhood park or beach.    Ready to fly, they need no assembly. 

PLEASE NOTE:   We have 6 pirate kites left.

Orig.: $10.99
Sale: $5.49

Aerobie Light Up Flying Disc

For spectacular flights, day or night, check out our awesome Skylighter flying disk.   Now you don't have to play frisbee just in the daylight.   With the powerful LED lights around the rim, it creates a "lighthouse" effect when spinning.  Aerobie disks are known for their stability and accuracy.


PLEASE NOTE:  We have just one red Aerobie Skylighter in stock.

Orig.: $20.99
Sale: $10.49

Squirt Gun

Squirt guns have been a basic outdoor toy for decades.   Choose from three colors.

PLEASE NOTE:   There is only one of each color left in stock.

Orig.: $2.99
Sale: $1.49

Jefferson Flyer

Easy to assemble and fly, just add your nickel for balance and stability.


PLEASE NOTE:  We have 4 of the Jefferson Flyer planes in stock.

Orig.: $6.99
Sale: $3.49