Toys Safe for Toddlers and Older

The youngest years are the most critical in terms of development for infants and toddlers.  Our companies are well respected in developing fun, educational and well made toys that can be passed down from one child to another. 

Dinosaur Magic Cubes

Brand new from Switzerland, the  Magicube magnetic building block system is innovative.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one kit in stock.

Orig.: $38.99
Sale: $19.49

Once Upon A Craft Ugly Duckling kit

Get crafty with the Once Upon A Craft playsets that help your little one bring some of their favorite fairy tale stories to life. Each set includes a 24-page story book and two sets of mess-free crafts based on the story.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only two Ugly Duckling sets left.

Orig.: $16.99
Sale: $8.49

Scented Activity Set

Fun to write with, fun to color with and fun to smell.   These cute little activity kits contain scented stickers and scented writing implements.   Great for traveling.

PLEASE NOTE;  We have left in stock two sets with pencils, two with markers and two with crayons.      

Orig.: $7.99
Sale: $3.99

Porcelain Tea For 2 Set - Koala

Porcelain tea sets are a normal part of every child's pretend play.   Invite a friend, a stuffed animal or a baby doll to tea.   Enhances a child's imagination and social skills.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one tea set in stock. 

Orig.: $42.99
Sale: $21.49