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Toys For Babies and Toddlers

For babies, EVERYTHING is new and wonderful.    Take a peek at the award winning toys in our baby corner.

Jabber Balls

Squeeze them, toss them, or try stacking them up, their cute tongues, unique voices, and funny faces will bring you hours of fun.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have 3 yellow cats in stock.

Orig.: $7.99
Sale: $3.99


Magicube is a brand new construction system has reinvented the classic building cube making it magical! The cubes can be attached magnetically on each side, making the structures both surprising strong and easy to create.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have 2 of the Magicube sets in stock.

From $38.99

Kaloo Chubby Bear - boxed

Awwww.....isn't it sweet?   This cream bear comes lovingly boxed for your favorite baby.    Perfect for baby showers or a child of any age.    Chubby is SO soft and cuddly, no child (or adult) will want to stop hugging it.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have two in stock.

Orig.: $28.99
Sale: $14.50

Cloud B Soothing Sounds Plush - lg

It never fails — as soon as their eyelids close, the neighbor’s dog barks, or a nearby car alarm blares.  Choose Gentle Giraffe or Sleep Sheep to help keep the bustling outside world at bay, making sleep time more peaceful.  Each animal has 8 different sounds to help baby (and adult) relax and sleep.    Click through for current selection. 8 8ajiani 

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one giraffe left in stock.

Orig.: $37.99
Sale: $18.99

HABA Grasping Toys

HABA is a well known company who makes the most beautiful little rattles and grasping toys.    Founded in 1938, their toys are among the most fun and creative we've seen.   In fact, many of the manipulating toys can be used by adults as stress balls.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one of each toy in stock.

Orig.: From $10.99
Sale: From $5.49

Melissa & Doug Keys and Cars Rescue Garage

What fun!   Your little rescuer can now play with a three bay garage and wooden rescue vehicles.    From Melissa and Doug, so you know it's good.   


PLEASE NOTE:  Only one garage left in stock.

Orig.: $39.99
Sale: $19.99

Happy House Activity Set

A terrific activity house for baby.    Blocks to shape sort, hands on a clock to turn and easy to carry!

PLEASE NOTE:  We have 2 of the Happy House toys in stock.

Orig.: $38.99
Sale: $19.49

GUND Beginnings Rattle

Made by well known GUND brand for babies, this sweet little rattle is soft in baby's hands.   The rattle is gentle and won't drive you nuts.   

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only 4 blue rattles in stock.

Orig.: $11.99
Sale: $5.99

Cloud B Twilight Turtle Rattle & Spill Cloth

These convenient cotton double layer burp cloths are great sweater savers for mom and dad – and look good while you’re being “spilled” on.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one set in stock.

Orig.: $22.99
Sale: $11.49

Easy-Blocks City

Builds concentration and manual dexterity -- designed for 12 months old and older.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have one of the Easy-Blocks City toys.

Orig.: $9.99
Sale: $4.99