Toys Age 6+
Toys for School Age Children And Beyond

Just because children are in school by age 6 doesn't mean that playtime has to be boring.   Even educational toys can be fun.   We have fun toys for every age - we've even had senior citizens buy some of their magnetic game boards for passing the time on long distance trips.  


Kor Geomag is the new magnetic construction system that lets you make an unlimited number of figures.
You can create fun animals and lots of other fantastic creatures, or enact epic battles between aliens and super heroes.


KOR Covers

Add a touch of fire red and make your Kor Color creations even more vibrant.


KOR Sets

Tazoo sets let you create fun creatures that will capture your imagination.  Penguins, squid, sharks , dinosaurs and lizards are just some of the creations in this wonderful world.

From $58.99

Magnetic Playboard

Perfect for packing in your suitcase (it's flat) and perfect for traveling (pieces are magnetic and stick on the metal playboard).     Click through for selection and make up a story!


Junior Watercolor Craft Kit

With just a few drops of paint all children can create a true masterpiece!   The results are truly beautiful and every child can proudly display this work of art in his/her room.


Mini Watercolor Craft Kit

We loved these watercolor craft kits when we first saw them.    Because of their unique paper, they allow every child (no matter how young) to create a masterpiece for their room.   Colors blend beautifully and the final product is truly impressive.


Crystal Flowers Craft Kit

How pretty!   Make your own crystal flowers for display.    Unlike real ones, these are permanent and will brighten your child's room until they go away to college! 



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