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Toys for School Age Children And Beyond

Just because children are in school by age 6 doesn't mean that playtime has to be boring.   Even educational toys can be fun.   We have fun toys for every age - we've even had senior citizens buy some of their magnetic game boards for passing the time on long distance trips.  


Kor Geomag is the new magnetic construction system that lets you make an unlimited number of figures.
You can create fun animals and lots of other fantastic creatures, or enact epic battles between aliens and super heroes.


KOR Covers

Add a touch of fire red and make your Kor Color creations even more vibrant.


KOR Sets

Tazoo sets let you create fun creatures that will capture your imagination.  Penguins, squid, sharks , dinosaurs and lizards are just some of the creations in this wonderful world.

From $58.99

Solar Power - Vehicles

Build your own solar-powered models and discover how solar cells generate electricity from light. Build six solar powered models including a locomotive, single-prop plane, bulldozer, helicopter, backhoe, and twin-rotor helicopter.


Chocolate Science Lab

Make your own personalized chocolates and gift boxes.



With this kit, children can explore the astonishing powers of the gyroscope by building seven motorized models, including a robot that can balance on two linear wheels and move along a tightrope! Kids will learn about the physical science principles that keep the robot balanced, making it appear to defy gravity.


Rock n Roll It Drum Set

This drum set is one of the coolest we've seen in a long time.   Easy to use, easy to store - and your kid won't take over the entire garage! 


Crystal Nightlight

Grow a big beautiful crystal and assemble a special platform to display it with a color-changing LED circuit inside.


Geeker Speaker Lab

Make sound waves visible with this awesome device called a vibration speaker. It turns practically any surface into a larger speaker. The audio jack connects to standard audio output sockets.


Doll Making Kit

Now your child can make her own adorable mermaid or princess doll.    Comes with soft body doll, templates, and accessories - then when you're done, name it with the birth certificate.     It will be a great companion for your child. Click through for current selection.


Magnetic Playboard

Perfect for packing in your suitcase (it's flat) and perfect for traveling (pieces are magnetic and stick on the metal playboard).     Click through for selection and make up a story!


Mini Watercolor Craft Kit

We loved these watercolor craft kits when we first saw them.    Because of their unique paper, they allow every child (no matter how young) to create a masterpiece for their room.   Colors blend beautifully and the final product is truly impressive.


Kids First Physics Lab

Speed, power, catapults, and collisions! Physics is full of action! Kids will have the 20 models in this introductory physics kit racing, rolling, flying, falling, crashing, balancing, and spinning around in 22 action-packed science experiments.


Soda Can Robug

Recycle a used can to create an exciting and quirky science project.Finished Robug emits sound as it moves across the floor.   Kit includes everything needed except two AAA batteries- screwdriver and empty pop can (not included).  


Design Your Own Umbrella

We wouldn't exactly call this a toy, but a really useful craft for an older child.  Brighten up your rainy days with this fun umbrella design project where you design and paint your own!    Then, of course, use it on the next rainy day. 



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