The puppets are plush and fantastic.  Now not only are they great for loving, but for playing as well.   Some even correspond to your favorite stories!

Neighborhood Animal Puppet

Folkmanis makes the most amazingly beautiful soft puppets we've ever seen.    A perennial best seller in our shop.   Click through for current selection.

From $30.99

Exotic Puppets

Every time we get a new puppet, we are always amazed at how well they are made and how realistic.  Award winning toys - for good reason.  Educational yet fun.

From $28.99

15" Baby Doll

How sweet!    These cuddly little girls are perfect gifts for your little one.   Click through to see our current selection.


10" Baby Doll

A perfect sized baby doll for your own baby.    Snuggly body makes baby a wonderful companion.   Click through for selection.


Doll High Chair

Every baby doll has to eat!  Lovingly designed and sturdily constructed, this high chair is an heirloom piece and can be handed down to the next generation of children who need to feed their baby dolls. 


Doll Making Kit

Now your child can make her own adorable mermaid or princess doll.    Comes with soft body doll, templates, and accessories - then when you're done, name it with the birth certificate.     It will be a great companion for your child. Click through for current selection.



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