These are not only the most adorable plush friends out there, but the softest too!  Bring one home today, and love it forever.

My First Steiff Teddy Bear

My First Steiff is made for the youngest of cuddlers.   It has embroidered eyes and the words My First Steiff on the bottom of its paw.   It is a warm and soft introduction to the world of Steiff quality plush teddy bears.  


Steiff Classic Honey Bear

Honey Bear is a classic Steiff bear.   It comes in soft grey and is available in three different sizes.   Made of the highest quality plush, Steiff is a brand well known for its quality in workmanship and child safety for over 100 years.

From $19.99

Steiff Classic Fynn Bear

Fynn is another of Steiff's classic bears.   He comes in beige and in two different sizes.  Steiff is well known for its quality plush and heirloom quality.   Your child will enjoy his Steiff for years.  

From $32.99

Steiff Classic Lotte the Bear

Lotte the Bear is an amazingly soft and sweet little bear, just waiting for the perfect child to love.   Made by Steiff, the company with over 100 years of making quality plush for children.  


Classic Teddy Bears!

Don't they have the cutest faces?    We think these teddy bears are especially sweet.    Choose a variety of sizes from baby bears all the way up to grandma and poppa bear size.

From $229.00

Beanie Boos - 6"

 We've been asked to carry Beanie Boos, and now they're here!   Keep checking back for the latest designs.


BIG Plush Creatures

Ohhhh.....once you see these BIG creatures, you'll never be able to live without them.    Click through for selection.

From $79.99

Huggable Squishable Plush Food - large


 Hug me!   Let me comfort you!!!!!!! 



Huggable Squishable Plush Food - small

Now you can play with your food and mom won't get mad!


Huggable Squishable Plush Creature - large

Hug Me.   Love Me.   Take Me Home!!!!     I am the softest, sweetest, furriest, roundest plush creature you ever set eyes on.


Huggable, Squishable Plush Creature - small

If you like our big squishies, you'll love our minis.    Carry it around to class, sit it on your desk.   You will be the envy of all who secretly covet your mini plush baby. 



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