These are not only the most adorable plush friends out there, but the softest too!  Bring one home today, and love it forever.

BIG Classic 54" Teddy Bear!

Don't they have the cutest faces?    We think these teddy bears are especially sweet...AND SOFT!

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one spectacular bear in stock

Orig.: $229.00
Sale: $114.49

22" Snow Leopard

What a beautiful creature!  Snow leopards have captured the imaginations of people for years.   This furry specimen will be perfect to cuddle with your child. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We have only one left  

Orig.: $79.99
Sale: $39.99

Squishable Hedgehog

If you like our big squishies, you'll love our minis.    Carry it around to class, sit it on your desk.   You will be the envy of all who secretly covet your mini plush baby. 


PLEASE NOTE:  We have just one Mini, a Hedgehog, in stock.

Orig.: $22.99
Sale: $11.49


Here's sweet little Olivia, the smiling piglet. 

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one in stock. 

Orig.: $24.99
Sale: $12.49

GUND Princeton the Frog Prince

Every little girl (and every big girl too) wants to kiss a frog and have him turn into a prince.   This little guy is holding his own crown.   Worth a kiss?

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only 1 in stock.

Orig.: $23.99
Sale: $11.99

Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar

Every little kid knows The Hungry Caterpillar.   Now you can have the plush caterpillar when you read to your child.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one in stock.   

Orig.: $14.99
Sale: $7.49

Baby Dolphin

Isn't this little dolphin sweet?    Made of the finest fabrics, he is very portable and can cuddle easily with your child.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one in stock.

Orig.: $9.99
Sale: $4.99

Where Is My Green Sheep? Plush

Where's the green sheep???

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only two plush green sheep left, no books.

Orig.: $13.99
Sale: $6.99

Walter the Farting Dog Plush

What will we do with Walter?    He farts.   Quite simply, he smells.   But he is Walter.   And he is ours.    The book is hilarious, and the farting plush doll is even more so (sorry, no books  left).   Definitely a favorite among our customers and staff - he appeals to all ages!

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one Big Walters and two Mini Walters left in stock.

Orig.: From $21.99
Sale: From $10.99