Fun In the Sun and Shade Ages 3+

This section of toys are all about getting out of the house and exploring the wonder of the outdoors. Whether it is a day poolside or a woodland adventure, you're sure to find all of the toys, tools and supplies you need to make your day a blast right here!  Spring is upon us and it is time to ditch the game console and tv, and go forth to adventure!

Blow Darts

This classic blow dart set brings the adventure indoors; turning every window, mirror and shiny surface into a potential target. Test your skills or play against a friend, your room will never be the same.


Mischief Maker Slingshot

Like the classic, the Mischief Maker Slingshot is handmade from real wood for an authentic feel and is designed to only shoot soft foam balls.


Helix Power Swing

Pull the string, swing and sling the Helix Power Swing football up to 350 feet.


Stikball Mitts & Stikball

Two flat-surface mitts and one Stikball for the ultimate game of catch--indoor or outdoors!   Stikball splats and sticks to any flat surface like a Stikball Mitt, wall or door.


Passback Footballs

The Official Composite Passback Training Football (Ages 9-13) is the perfect football training aid for youth football players learning how to throw and catch a football.

From $26.99

Water Soaker Frisbees & Balls

YAY!   It is definitely time for water fun to begin.     These water toys not only float, but they fill up with water and soak everyone when they fly.  They also work without water. 

They're fun, just fun.   

Orig.: From $13.99
Sale: From $9.79

Beach Trucks

The tougher the better for these heavy duty trucks the little ones can play with, dig with, load with and fill with sand and water.   Made sturdy for toddlers, they're perfect for the beach or sandbox.  

Orig.: From $18.99
Sale: From $13.29

Pool Toss Game

Fun pool toss games for all ages.    They float, they sit on your head - how ever you like to play, take these party birds along with you.

Orig.: $18.99
Sale: $13.29

Sand Castle Set

Building sand castles on the beach is part of the fun of summer.   Our heavy duty sand castle building kit is made for the rigors of summer building! 

Orig.: $22.99
Sale: $16.00

OGODISK Mini - Pk/2

Play tennis, volleyball, badminton, paddleball.......there's endless fun ahead with the OGODISK.    Or...it's easy to invent your own games!    Allows children - or adults - to throw, catch and bounce. 


Decorate Your Own Kite

If you're looking for a different project for child or for your child's party, try letting them make their own kite!   Easy to follow instructions and ready to fly - just decorate the white tyvek kite with the enclosed crayons and let her fly!


Aerobie Light Up Flying Disc

For spectacular flights, day or night, check out our awesome Skylighter flying disk.   Now you don't have to play frisbee just in the daylight.   With the powerful LED lights around the rim, it creates a "lighthouse" effect when spinning.  Aerobie disks are known for their stability and accuracy.


Aerobie Flying Rings

Anyone can throw these Aerobie pro rings incredibly far with amazing accuracy.  Your friend can be standing 100 yards away and still be able to catch this ring.    Absolutely amazing.    Don't believe us?    It's a Guinness Book of World Records winner!

From $13.99


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