Here are some great items that just didn't fall into any particular category or age range.   This is our most interesting page.   Keep checking back for the newest and coolest!

Alien Slime

EWWWW.........    Slime and aliens - what better icky thing can you give a kid for?

PLEASE NOTE:   We only have 1 in stock.

Orig.: $3.99
Sale: $1.99

Build a 3-in-1 Digital Camera

Okay, how cool is this?    Make your own camera, webcam and video camera with this great kit!  Build it yourself using this young engineer's kit - all instructions included.   Get a head start on your school science projects!     


PLEASE NOTE:  We have just one Digital Camera kit in stock.

Orig.: $64.99
Sale: $32.49

Circuit Science Basketball

Aim for the basket and take a shot with the ball launcher, but watch out, the hoop moves! Learn how a circuit produces energy to create motion.


PLEASE NOTE:  We just have two of the Basketball kits in stock.

Orig.: $29.99
Sale: $14.99

GEOMAG PANELS 32 pc set building toy

Geometric shapes form with the attraction of magnets and rods that allow children to build amazing structures.    The panels give their structures stability.   These are terrific STEM sets. 

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one 32 pc set that has been used as a demo.

Orig.: $33.99
Sale: $15.00

GEOMAG COLOR 64 pc set building toy

A small format for a big imagination.   GEOMAG building kits allow children to create small structure in big colors!

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one set left.

Orig.: $53.99
Sale: $26.99


With these sets, you're not only building with magnets, you are figuring out how the world operates with energy and motion.   This building kit will allow you to build  a carousel - or a pair of chomping crocodiles - and move them without touching.    Allow your junior engineer a chance to figure out how the world moves.  

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one set left.

Orig.: $54.99
Sale: $27.49

GEOMAG PRO-L building toy

GEOMAG PRO-L is the evolution of the classic magnetic construction system, devised for children from 8 years up. The power of this special magnet allows you to build even more spectacular structures.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have one 174 pc sets, one 75 pc set and four 110 pc sets left in stock.

Orig.: From $63.99
Sale: From $31.99

Big Dude Cubebot

Move over!  Big Dude is here to play.    Unfold him, pose him, play with them - then try to get him back into his square.   Because he's also a puzzle.   Big Dude is not just for kids, adults like them too. 

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only one Big Dude in stock.

Orig.: $250.00
Sale: $99.00

Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty BIG TIN

Who wouldn't want a BIG Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty Tin.   Yea, it's empty, but perfect for holding your collection of mini tins and bigger tins. 

PLEASE NOTE:   There is only one in stock. 

Orig.: $15.00
Sale: $5.00

Eeboo Flashcards

These are not regular flashcards.   They are meant to expand your vocabulary - and the ability to articulate your surroundings - using color.  It's a fascinating concept.   Older children and adults will find  the flashcards interesting as well as children.

PLEASE NOTE;   We have 2 sets left.

Orig.: $15.99
Sale: $7.99

Magic Cube Free Building Set

Everyone will enjoy the magic of these magnetic cubes, which attach to each other with ease to ensure stimulating and imaginative play.

PLEASE NOTE:   We have only two sets left.

Orig.: $59.99
Sale: $29.99