Beginning Games

These games are perfect for children as young as newborn.  Best of all, no reading required!  Have fun. 

SET Junior

Start playing your favorite game with your kids as early as age 3! SET® Junior’s two-sided board is designed to grow with your child. Side 1: Match your tile to a square on the board. Start to recognize SETs while matching the color, number and shape. Side 2: Now that you know what a SET is, it's time to flip the board and have fun racing to find as many SETs as you can!


Neck of the Woods

The giraffes are hungry! - Can you help them reach the leaves in the tree?

It takes a steady hand and a clever mind to stack the blocks, reach the reward, and earn the most points.


Janod Puzzle Games

We like games and toys that have more play value than just one thing.   These puzzle games by Janod are just that - first a puzzle made of heavy cardboard pieces, which then doubles as the board to play the game.  How cool is that?  Click through for current selection! 


Lilliputiens Lotocolor Matching Game

Here's a wonderful beginning matching game which allows your child to match colors, shapes and decor then say what they see.   The game works on so many levels, it's wonderfully educational and we're impressed with this line of creative beginning games for  young children. 


Lilliputiens Marcel Touch & Match Game

Marcel is a sad owl.   However, there is a set of cardboard cards in his tummy which all feel different - match up the pairs of cards without looking!    A beginning game of touch for young children.   Ingenious!    


Lilliputiens First Domino Game

These domino matching games are a perfect beginning for young children's first attempt at playing games.    Jef introduces the idea of matching numbers while Juliette introduces letters in addition to colors and like-pieces for matching.  Each set reverses for added play value.   Collect them both!


Candy Land

This is the classic game of sweet adventures!   Spin to move your game piece and meet magical friends - and the sweetest friends!   


Peek A Doodle Do

This award winning game improves concentration and memory skills and it's one of our favorites!   Find the egg then hide the egg under the chicken.   Winner with the most complete nest wins!



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