Crazy Good Brainteasers
How Clever Are You?

 For centuries, people have loved challenging their brains and solving puzzles.   We've found some of the best brain teasers around and we've tested them all - how good are you? 

Fidgitz Brainteaser

A very satisfying fidgety game for those who love brainteasers.   The concept is  simple:   turn the spheres so that one side is all one color.   Easy, right?   Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa......   You're going to love it! 


Ball of Whacks & Rhombi Block

Stimulate your creativity with the 30 piece magnetized Ball of Whacks!  It's well known that working with your hands and eyes helps to stimulate brain activity.   Or use them for a relaxing break.   Stretch your imagination by creating new designs with the with the patented design. 


The Star Ball & The Y Ball & The X Ball

It's a puzzle!   It's geometric art!    It's a creative tool for innovators!   This geometric gem will delight and challenge you.   It consists of magnetic design pieces.   However, the poles are not the same on each piece.   Creative and relaxing.  Make something beautiful! 


Daniel's "Aggravater" Brainteaser

Can you fit all four pieces into the tray?  The intriguing thing about this puzzle is the "wildcard" black piece.   Only one side is correct - which is it?    


Daniel's Sea Turtle Brainteaser

Daniel has been hard at work on his newest brainteaser.   And this cute little turtle isn't as easy as it looks.   Fit all the orange pieces into the tray.   Try it! 


Daniel's Brainteaser Puzzles

Our customers tell us "It's only three pieces - how hard can it be?"   

Looks are deceptive.



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