Crazy Good Brainteasers
How Clever Are You?

 For centuries, people have loved challenging their brains and solving puzzles.   We've found some of the best brain teasers around and we've tested them all - how good are you? 

Color Cube Sudoku

Puzzles are for all ages.   They keep the brain working, especially the fiendishly deceptive ones that look easy.   This fascinating puzzle requires you to flip the cubes so that only one color is present in each row and column. 

More than 2 Trillion combinations and half a million solutions - can you find one??


Fidgitz Brainteaser

A very satisfying fidgety game for those who love brainteasers.   The concept is  simple:   turn the spheres so that one side is all one color.   Easy, right?   Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa......   You're going to love it! 


Magic Rainbow Ball

The rainbow ball is a fun snap-and-match brainteaser.    Push the colored balls into the orb.    Snap the balls into the matching colored rings - then mix them up for a new challenge.  It's also an extremely good fidget toy for those who like to fiddle while on the phone, in the passenger seat, waiting for a plane - or just waiting....


Swingy Thing

It's a fidget toy and it's a brainteaser - the perfect combination to keep you occupied yet engaging your brain.


Daniel's "Aggravater" Brainteaser

Can you fit all four pieces into the tray?  The intriguing thing about this puzzle is the "wildcard" black piece.   Only one side is correct - which is it?    


Daniel's Sea Turtle Brainteaser

Daniel has been hard at work on his newest brainteaser.   And this cute little turtle isn't as easy as it looks.   Fit all the orange pieces into the tray.   Try it! 


Daniel's Brainteaser Puzzles

Our customers tell us "It's only three pieces - how hard can it be?"   

Looks are deceptive.



This little color connecting puzzle starts out simple and you think it's easy, then it turns mean on you really quickly.   The great thing about it is there are 44 puzzles in one small travel pack.   It will keep you busy!!!!!!!   


Rubik's Cube

Here is the world's best selling toy celebrating its 30th birthday.    The Rubik's cube has been the subject of YouTube videos, speedsolving competitions, math seminars, and endless hours of enjoyment.   Check it out to see what the buzz is all about.



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