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The Star Ball & The Y Ball & The X Ball
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The Star Ball is a set of 32 magnetic design pieces that can be arranged in a variety of different ways.   Can be used as a companion piece with the other magnetic sets.    Comes in yellow only.  

Create a puzzle:   Connect the five legged star pieces to the three legged tri ones to create a full Star Ball shape.   How fast can you do it?

The Y Ball contains 30 Y-shaped magnetic pieces.  The inspiration to the Y-Ball is the traditional soccer ball shape - an orb-like geometric figure long admired for its beauty.  Comes in blue only.

The X Ball contains 30 x-shaped magnetic pieces.   The orb was a favorite of Leonardo da Vinci.  With these x-shaped pieces, design and create new shapes.    Or combine pieces from all the kits to make your own original design!   Comes in red only.

Stretch your imagination and use the Magnetic Balls to create new shapes and designs.  Hand-eye activity fires your neurons and stimulates your brain.    Use them as a relaxation device to free your mind from other concerns.

Age 14+




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