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From educational company eeBoo, these magnetic playboards encourage imagination and creative storytelling.


From fairytales you’ve heard before, characters come back for more.  The many stories YOU will make unfold before a woodland lake.    28 magnets included.   The cast is ready, your board awaits.   Here they are, decide their fates!   

Robot's Landing

A station on a distant planet, with only robots there to man it, Will be the stage for robot plays you will create for days and days.   Your magnet board awaits the cast, climb aboard and have a blast!         32 Magnets in this outer space robot adventure.

Animal Cottage

A house of friends, a garden too, with these there’s so much you can do.    So many stories can be told, and YOU decide how they’ll unfold.  Ready with your magnet board?   This lovely world is unexplored!   32 Magnets to rearrange your bears, foxes, hedgehogs, skunks and other garden creatures.

Volcano Island

Embark on an adventure with Volcano Island. Featuring playful illustrations of friendly animals and children exploring in the wild, the Playboard encourages a love of literature and storytelling as children run, jump and play with the tigers, crocodiles, eplephants and monkeys.   What fun!

All Playboards age:    5-6+


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