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Noggin Stik/Noggin Seek/Noggin Ring Developmental Toy

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The NogginStik® developmental light-up rattle is baby’s first learning toy.  It might look like a cute version of a baby rattle, but it has a powerful agenda.  The NogginStik head lights up red, blue and green to stimulate a baby’s eyes and to encourage visual tracking.  The base of the NogginStik makes a soft rattle sound to please the ears.  It has an easy to hold handle for mastering grasping and fun textures to delight the sense of touch. Your baby’s NogginStik® will help you begin to encourage her beginning milestones from the day she is born!

Your baby's NogginStik comes nicely boxed.  It's a multi-award winner.

Age:   0+

Noggin Seek is a peek and seek rattle whose clear sphere encourages shaking.  Inside the sphere and stem are a series of beads which disappear and appear as baby shakes the rattle.   The stem holds a striped tube which slides in and out of the handle to encourage hand movement. The textured handle encourages feeling and grasping.   In addition, a developmental milestones guide is included in every box.  

Comes nicely boxed.

Age:   3mos+

Noggin Rings are the latest developmental toy in the series and is an update of an iconic toy from the 1980s.   It encourages grasping skills and reaching skills by allowing baby to bat at toys placed within his reach.   The rattle will encourage turning in the directino of sound and visual tracking.  

Comes nicely boxed.

Age:   0-12 months 


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