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Adored by baby and parents alike, pipSquigz are perfect for the stroller, highchair, bathtub, and anywhere-travel.

Simply push pipSquigz down on any smooth surface and watch baby interact with this high-quality silicone suction toy.

With super-suction, each shape can be tugged, pushed, shaken and pulled. Or, push and stick the shapes together for new play experiences. Babies delight in the versatile movement, sound and texture.

Pediatricians note sensory integration as a crucial developmental milestone for infants. pipSquigz are right on target because they interact with baby's senses:   touch with their bumps and waves, sound because of their gentle rattle sound and signature "pop" as pipSquigz separate, and sight because of their brilliant colors.   

pipSquigz is an all-in-one learning toy promoting both fine and gross motor skills.   Compact and sized to take anywhere, pipSquigz are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.    BPA FREE - ideal as a teething toy.

Ages 6mos +


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