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We like to have a nice selection of plush creatures that aren't in every toy store.  

SO....let us bring you first, our ALLIGATOR.    This big guy measures 67" long, 10.5" high and 26" wide.    Use as a seat for kids or on a porch - or just in a kid's room.   CHOMP!

And then a momma GIRAFFE, perfect for kid's rooms.   Stand him in a corner and let the wild life take over!    He measures 55" tall, 12" wide and 27" from front to back.  Definitely an attention-getter.

Our BABY GIRAFFE has the sweetest face.   He is sitting on all fours, his back legs tucked under him.  He  measures about 30" from his forehead to his tail.   And his height is about 19" from the floor to the top of his head.

Our SEA TURTLE can also be used as a pillow on the floor or on the bed.  He's low and flat and perfect for cuddling.     He measures 32" wide by 8' tall by 28" long.

Our sea life collection wouldn't be complete without a smiling DOLPHIN to keep us company when we swim.   This sweet creature measures 41" long by 17" wide by 18" high.

Ohhhhh.....and the toothy SHARK is a creature that fascinates kids.  Maybe it's the teeth.   Maybe it's the red mouth.   Whatever...he's a best seller.    He measures 40" long by 15" high by 14" wide. 

Ages 3+


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