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The most fascinating images, quality printing, precise fitting, strong and rich materials; all these things define Clementoni's High Quality Collection puzzles. It's an elegant line of puzzles designed for those who have a passion for details.

Clementoni uses recycled materials and avoids using polluting components because of their dedicated commitment to environment and pollution issues.

Made in Italy.

We have several 1000 pc Clementoni puzzles in stock:

The Lighthouse (pictured) features a stone lighthouse tower rising from a rocky coast.

Rio de Janeiro captures the Brazilian metropolis's glitz and glamour in the early evening as the city lights twinkle.

Laying on the Books features a chocolate Labrador retriever puppy lounging atop a stack of books about labs.

New York Taxi focuses on an iconic yellow cab on the street near Times Square, the background is black and white making the splash of yellow stand out.

As it Fades captures the fading light pouring into a mountain valley as the sun begins to set.

Sumatran Tiger gives a close up glimpse of a beautiful, ferocious and highly endangered big cat.

Milano, 1910-1915 captures a Milan street at the beginning of the 20th Century, a massive Gothic cathedral taking center stage.

Maldive Islands takes you on an island getaway in a small sail boat, catch some shade under a palm tree and gaze at the turquoise water under a cobalt sky.

London: Changing the Guard presents the panorama of the Buckingham Palace courtyard as a platoon of Her Majesty's Beefeaters parade across the grounds.

Rome presents a panoramic view of the Vatican as seen from across the Tiber River.

Passo Pordoi with a view to Sassolungo features a lush mountain landscape with a small lake cabin surrounded by flowers and trees.

Neuschwaustein features a panoramic landscape centered around Neuschwaustein Castle in Germany.

Waterfall features a stunning landscape of cascading waterfalls.

Come to Life features a menagerie of African animals coming to life and stepping out of a painting and books.


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