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Mix up these games to include some classics and some new ones.    Easy to pack, easy to travel and simple to use.   All include magnetic play pieces and the opened tin is the game board.



The first player recites the alphabet until the next player says "Stop".   The category wheel is spun until it stops at a category.   All players then must think of a word that belongs to the category and begins with the correct letter.   First player to announce their correct words wins a magnet.   First person to win 10 magnets wins.

Age:  6-99   Players 2 - 5


4 in a Row / Tic Tac Toe

Classic Tic Tac Toe and 4 In A  Row games on two game boards in the tin.

Age   4-99   Players 2



A good classic game of checkers is hard to beat.

Age:  4-99   Players 2


Sudoku Shapes 

Every row and every column must include all 6 shapes in any order.  Each shape should appear only once.   Every 3x2 subsection must include all shapes and can appear only once.  A booklet of 40 games is included.

Age:  5-99   Players   1


Secret Code

The player creates the secret code with magnets.   The Second player asks questions to isolate where the magnets are placed.  The winner is the player who guesses the Secret Code with the fewest number of  guesses.

Age:  6-99   Players 2


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