Including Local Authors

Bartons has a great selection of classic children's books like Peter Rabbit as well as a large selection of great adventures written by local authors!  Check out below. 

Owen the Octopus

Owen is a happy, hard-working, friendly octopus - with an unusual dream. Owen wants to fly! Join him on his adventure as he tries to turn his dream into a reality.


J is for Jordy, An Alphabet Book

A sweet little book which goes teaches the alphabet in a fun way - through the eyes of Jordy, a local Cavachon.  


Llama Llama Red Pajama Book & Plush

Such a cute story!    Poor little llama doesn't want to go to bed - he wants his mama!    Order the book along with the baby llama who holds his own toy llama for comfort.   Very, very cute!!   We will have the Holiday Book later in the year.

From $17.99

Where Is My Green Sheep? Plush & Book

There's a lot of sheep to wade through in this cute little board book.   White sheep, red sheep, thin name it.  But where's the green sheep???

From $6.99

Pete the Cat Plus & Books

Pete the Cat is COOL, man, COOL!     He gets through his day singing his song and not worrying about the color of his sneakers, which change color from all the things he's wandered through.   Meet Pete the Cat.

From $17.99

Walter the Farting Dog Plush & Book

What will we do with Walter?    He farts.   Quite simply, he smells.   But he is Walter.   And he is ours.    The book is hilarious, and the farting plush doll is even more so.   Definitely a favorite among our customers and staff - he appeals to all ages!

From $15.95

How Rocket Learned To Read - Book & Plush

Reading is SO much easier when you have a friend to help you who's in the same spot as you are - learning to read.    Let Rocket help your child read Rocket's adventures while  he learns to read.   

From $17.99

Fred the Snake books

This wonderful series of books are written about Fred the Snake.    His first book is a tale about a snake who gets squished and then mended.    Great for kids facing hospital stays or doctor visits.    The sequel is about Fred going to school for the first time.   Books every child can identify with.    Written by local author, Peter Cotton.  


The Legend of the Putter Frog

The Legend of the Putter Frog is the first in a series of adventures of the Putter Frog.   It is the story of the little frog who dreams of becoming a great golfer. 


Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons love tacos. They love chicken tacos, beef tacos, great big tacos, and teeny tiny tacos. So if you want to lure a bunch of dragons to your party, you should definitely serve tacos.

From $16.99


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