Toys Safe for Toddlers and Older

The youngest years are the most critical in terms of development for infants and toddlers.  Our companies are well respected in developing fun, educational and well made toys that can be passed down from one child to another. 

Magic Cubes

Brand new from Switzerland, the  Magicube magnetic building block system is innovative.

From $38.99

Once Upon A Craft kits

Get crafty with the Once Upon A Craft playsets that help your little one bring some of their favorite fairy tale stories to life. Each set includes a 24-page story book and two sets of mess-free crafts based on the story.


Magnet Set in Travel Tin

Whether you want to play with paper dolls or direct traffic in your mini city, take a look at these compact magnet sets which are perfect for traveling with kids.  Click through to see our selection.


Bath Building Blocks Large box

BathBlocks bring classic block play into a fun, fascinating, new, watery environment. The bath tub is the perfect places to create water falls, ball runs, water runs and more. The "sticky" viscosity of water creates a helpful cling between blocks, and the movement, buoyancy and flow of water add an engaging twist to classic block play.   Click through for current selection. 


Child's Porcelain Tea Set for 2

Aren't these sweet??     What childhood can be complete without a beautiful porcelain tea set in its own carry/storage basket. 


Child's Tin Tea Set for 4

Childhood memories are made when the tea set is brought out to play.    Invite dolls, bunnies, teddy bears - or whoever to a picnic or a formal tea.  Each set has a different theme and depending on the piece count, different items included.  Click through for selection.

From $37.99

PLUS PLUS ++ Building Toys

It's a new toy world for boys and girls.    When the only tools required with these sets are imagination, the possibilities are endless.....

From $9.99


The award winning classic Etch-A-Sketch from your childhood is BAAACK!!!!!     It was fun then and it's still fun now.    With over 150 million sold, It's the world's favorite drawing toy for a reason.   We have two sizes available - the classic you've known and loved, and the travel version.  

From $19.99


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