Big LEGOs for Littler People

Duplo®  is synonymous with LEGO®  for toddlers.  The larger pieces are much safer for small children, and are great for learning tactile skills and more.  Plus they are cute! 

LEGO Duplo Fire Truck

The LEGO® DUPLO® Fire Truck is hinged with extending crane and retractable hose, and includes a firefighter, buildable building and a flame.


LEGO Duplo Airport

Get ready for take-off at the LEGO® DUPLO® Airport! Build the luggage check-in and make sure your suitcases are taken to the plane. Drive the refueling truck over to fill up the plane. Then help the pilot take his seat and make sure all the passengers are on board ready to fly away.


LEGO Duplo My First Carousel

Introduce your child to basic cause and effect principles by using chunky LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to make a turning carousel.